In 1986, Rev. Stanley F. Jackowski founded Truth Family Ministries, Inc., AKA Stan Jackowski Ministries. This not-for-profit religious organization, located in Danville, Illinois, was formed with the sole purpose of taking the Gospel message to the world through teaching, writing, publishing, and media outreach. Stanley has ministered in a variety of churches; pastoring, evangelizing, and bringing revelation to believers through the teaching ministry. He has a bachelors degree in theology from Life Christian University. Stanley & Rebecca have been married for over 34 years. They have five daughters and three grandchildren.

Ministry Biography

Stanley F. Jackowski was born in Danville, Illinois January 11, 1961. The Jackowski family started & operated several small businesses in Vermilion County beginning in 1929 with a photo engravings company. He graduated from Danville High School in 1979 receiving a collegiate swimming scholarship from a big 10 university. Stan came to know Jesus Christ at a young age after talking with a street minister in downtown Danville and a prayer of salvation in a Baptist Sunday class at 11 years old.  The voice of God spoke to Stan who was lost in a cornfield at the age of 19 calling him to the ministry through a supernatural encounter.  The affirmation of the healing anointing began after an encounter one afternoon when Holy Spirit strongly impressed upon him to begin ministering to the sick. That particular evening in the summer of 1980, his Uncle was healed from a large growth on his side the size of a grapefruit. Stanley and his family laid a prayer cloth on the growth in the name of Jesus, praying for healing. In weeks the growth disappeared with his doctor confirming this to be a miracle.

In 1986, Stanley traveled as a licensed evangelist from The Rock Church and was ordained in full-time ministry through Rhema Ministerial Association International in 1988. Stanley and his wife Rebecca founded Truth Family Ministries, Inc., AKA Stan Jackowski Ministries. This not-for-profit organization, located in Danville, Illinois, was formed with the sole purpose of taking the Gospel message to the world through preaching, writing, publishing, media outreach, ministering healing, and flowing in the power of the Holy Spirit. Stanley’s first booklet was  printed on an A.B Dick 360 Press  called, “The Salvation Experience.”   From 1986 -1990,  the traveling ministry placed them under the Gospel Tent. The Ministry held city-wide evangelistic crusades in several cities in the U.S.A., marching crosses as a  commencement for each crusade, preaching in prisons, teaching evangelism seminars, and ministering in local churches. Stanley and his wife Rebecca have appeared and hosted many television programs, which include T.B.N., LeSEA, and Count To Four. The organization efforts in reaching out to troubled areas had a great impact on the news media. In fact, in Miami, Florida, after one such tent crusade was completed, a Drug and Rehabilitation Center was started next to the tent site.

From 1991 -1996,  the ministry helped start churches in downtown Danville and Crescent City, Illinois. In 1990, Truth Family Ministries ordained a pastor at Truth Bible Church in Crescent City. Prior to pastoring the work in Danville, Stanley was the Evangelistic Director for Harvest Church in Champaign Urbana, Illinois. Stanley & Rebecca were founders of Grace of Life Church in Danville, Illinois. The ministry purchased 23.6 acres of land, constructed church facility, and established Grace of Life Child Care Center. The purchase of the property was debt free within less than one year. Stanley pastored the church in Danville for 5 1/2 years releasing his second and third publication “Life in the Bible” and in July of 1995, “Vision, Journey Into The Realm of The Spirit.”   He also wrote several teaching manuals; Nine Spiritual Gifts, Faith life, Divine Healing, and Word Groups/Understanding Cells.   In January 1997 the Jackowski’s moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for Stanley to research and work on his fourth book on the topic of Divine Healing. He had an office in the CityPlex across from Oral  Roberts University working with CityPlex Digital Press. From 1997 -1999 Stanley traveled as an itinerant through Rhema Ministerial Association International in Broken Arrow, Ok. THE  MANDATE, Evangelism Training System was published by Zoe Publishing in 1997 in module format. The Jackowski Family traveled to several churches training believers how to evangelize their cities. They worked the area with setting up several tents for, “Soul Saving Invasion.” Stanley certified over 60 students in Mandate training, teaching at T.B.N. studios Miami, Florida. The Mandate seminar at Theos’s Family Church was scheduled for three days of teaching and the Pastors extended the meetings for several weeks of revival.

In 2000 Stanley became an administrator for the Jackowski family businesses. In 2004 he became campus director and instructor for Life Christian University in Champaign, Illinois. Stanley has focuses on the greatness of family through honor, community, and the local church. He continues ministering in a variety of churches, training Bible students, and bringing encouragement to pastors and leaders. Stanley has ministered in Nigeria, Africa and Christ For The Nations, Montego Bay, Jamaica.   Although the pulpit ministry continues taking him into great places, he has a passion for mentoring, prayer, and the Word. The ministry has a website outreach, tape, and literature ministry. Stanley is actively writing Bible curriculum focused toward equipping the work of the ministry and allowing the Holy Spirit to refine the ministry. Stanley Jackowski is an alumni member of Rhema Bible College and holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from Life Christian University, Tampa, Florida.